Within the FireStar Cloud Hosting Website Control Panel, you can find an invaluable tool allowing you to install a brand–new PHP framework within seconds. The Frameworks Installer tool performs the full procedure for you, hence gets rid of the need for you to acquire, embed and then also configure your framework before you start the enterprise. You shall be equipped to get started with your framework based projects without delay, with little effort.

A range of frameworks readily available

Initiate your web projects using a framework

Through the FireStar Cloud Hosting Website Control Panel, you are able to install a well–known open–source PHP framework. We have prepared a choice of the most common frameworks which are now available on the web – CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, and YII. It is possible to install just about any framework on any web site that is hosted inside your hosting account.

The PHP 1 Click Framework Installer tool can be obtained with all of the web hosting services that feature the Website Control Panel – Linux shared hosting plans, Linux VPS servers,Linux dedicated servers, and Linux semi-dedicated plans.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework setting up

Your PHP framework is simply a mouse click away

The PHP 1 Click Framework Installer will aid you to launch your internet projects really easy. Within the tool you will find integrated FireStar Cloud Hosting’s quick installation technique which gives you an option to type your requirements and start the integration process with merely a click of the mouse.

Now you can set up a PHP framework with a click. All you have to do is decide on where to install it in the server. Our smart tool will conduct the configuration job for you, meaning you can begin using your framework without delay.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click backup

The quickest way for you to back up a framework

Every good programmer is aware that it’s critical to keep a backup of the venture to rely on in the case of a problem. This is exactly why, we added a 1–click backup instrument to our PHP 1 Click Framework Installer. It helps you to back up your current framework including all of the improvements you’ve made, with only a click.

There’s no backup restriction. As long as you have free disk space in your account, you can create as many backups as you wish.

1-click backup